This is a place for thoughts.

Some are still growing, others are well-nurtured. You can get a sense of how well nurtured an item is by its icon.

sprout|50 A sprout is just starting to grow.

sprout|50 A bud is developing.

sprout|50While a tree in full bloom is comparatively mature. That's not to say that further blossomings are impossible, of course.

You may find some links don't go anywhere. These are private notes that are still germinating. I am happy to discuss my nascent thoughts on these topics with friends, but they are not far enough along that I feel comfortable displaying them publicly until I have a better understanding. Often these are topics where a lack of understanding can lead to a lack of empathy.

Other times a dead link is a placeholder, and I haven't gotten around to filling it out yet.

What will you find here?


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